Sob7ie Sa7awieh meeting


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The sobhie sahawie group members held their meeting with Dr.May Haddad  today in 29th of oct 2011 at 4 am in hamra at Younis caffee.The people who were attending the meeting was (widad al sabaa,rabei ahmad,nadeen mousa,adel al sabaa,raghida hamieh,malak al haj ali)During the meeting, we addressed several topics related to the previous phase of the activities related to health issues inaddition to a long dialogue on the web page of sobhie sahawie on the facebook.we decided to manage posting documents and links on the group just to avoid noising member with the excessive posts on the group day,as we decided also to relife the sobhie sahawie E-magazine which started in janana summer encouter 2010 and continued to 4 months after encouter till reach it 12 issue.

also we disscused beirut marathon  as if we can participate in the marathon under the theme ” HEALTH NOW ” and ”men alak badi da5en ma3ak ”

may also brought us some gifts from her tour between jordan and america….thanks alot may best for the group


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  1. We were very happy to have Raghida with us.

    Raghida also inspired us, maybe some of us decide to open blogs and we refer to them when needed in the Sob7ye Sa7aweye facebook group?

    Love to all

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