local cinema at Borj Al Shamali camp


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  • film title: neither here nor there
  • film duration: 45 min
  • film produced by : Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts
  • briefing about the film:
the film is telling a true stories of Palestinian youth from borj al barajnih camp Beirut whom are suffering alot from the way they are living and their educational, economic and social status. so they decide to migrate to Europe as if they think that they can buy amagic stick from there and everything will be ok then,the events of the film shouted between Berlin Germany and borj brajni beirut.
during the show which was in ramadan the audience was from different ages youth,mothers and elders
after the show we had along discussion about the film because it states a serious issue in a real and transparent way.so the audience argued together but they didn’t reach to a good point

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