Car accident awareness day


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Under the title together for the prevention of traffic accidents in Tyre, sponsored by the Municipality of Tyre and held by Tyre youth club in partnership with the Association of YASA International implemented an activity on the Cornish  facing to the tents of marine, to educate people and especially youth about the importance to respect the law of traffic and its application and the attention of young people to the seriousness of speed and What caused the damage and risks of the driving under the legal age, and there were many posts on the subject of youth and speed of traffic accidents as part of some passers-by their views on this subject through the writings and drawings for traffic accidents as well as live interviews with them.
Involved police from the Municipality of Tyre in this activity in the organization of the barriers on the road to the volunteers to distribute leaflets for public safety to pedestrians in the car and gave an explanation of the Volunteer from Tyre youth club about the role of policeman in municipal public safety and adjust the irregularities on the road.
During the event, the Lebanese Red Cross first aid section for the first two incidents of cyclists on how to revive him and transported and the second passenger car on how to revive him and get him out of the car and then move it.
As well as medics attended the event from Al Kayan and have to explain to passers-by for emergency items that you should be with them in their cars as well as other materials necessary in an accident or fire in the car.
We thank the municipality of Tyre for their support of this activity, and special thanks to the municipal police who participated with us, We also thank the Red Cross Society, Department of aid for their efforts in this activity, and thank the Association of Al Kayan and the Red Cross youth department for their active participation with us, and thanks very much for the Association of YASA International , the media and everyone involved with us.
tyre 11/12/2011
tyre youth club


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