What are human rights






Human : a member of the homo sapiens species a man , women or child a person

Rights : things to which you are entitled or allowed, freedoms that are guaranteed.

Human rights are the rights u have simply because you are a human

Its how you instinctively expect and deserve to be treated as a person like the

right to live

right to speak your mind

and to be treated as an equal

there are many  kinds of rights most applied for certain group but human rights are applied absolutely to everyone everywhere that means kids, old people , poor people ,teachers , football players ,garbage men , Africans, Indians, Asians, Albanians, Christians, Muslims, you and me all have exact same human rights in another words the whole universe


name the human rights ? (interviews)


according to the unites nations there are 30 human rights are lump together to form the universal declaration of human rights which the mostly world widely accepted document

but it was a long time campaign …

at first there where no human rights if you were in a crowd u are safe if you were not then you are not safe then a guys called Cyrus the great decided to change all that after conquering Babylon 539 BC he did something completely revolutionary he says that all slave are free and they have the right to chose their religion no matter what crowd they are a part of  and just like that human rights were born

the idea spread quickly to Greece , India and eventually to Rome they known as the people naturally follows  certain laws even if they were tortured they call this natural law

thousands years later in England they find an agree that no one can overcome the rights of the people and if even a king

peoples rights were finally recognized  and they were now safe from those in power

the frensh followed with the rome rome revolution for their own rights their list were even longer and then the roman concept of natural law had become natural rights

Unfortunately in France a general call napoleon decided to over through the new French democracy  and called himself an emperor of the world he almost succeeded but the countries of Europe joined together forces and defeated him

Human rights was again a hot topic, they drew up international agreement across Europe

But then a young boy from India called Mahatma Gandhi decided enough was enough and he insisted that all pple of earth have rights not just in Europe and eventually even European started to agree but it was not going to be that easy two world war corrupted , then the countries of earth banded together and form the united nations to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and worth of human person

so , at the end :

if people have the right for food and shelter why are 60 thousand children dying of starvation everyday

if people have the freedom of speech why thousands of peeple are arrested because they expresses their minds

if people have the right to education why over a billion adults are unable to read

if slavery has been ended why there is still 27 million people still in slave today

the fact is when the human rights declaration was signed didnt have the force of law , it was optional and despite many more documents, conventions and laws it still not more than words on a page

those who fight today against torture , starvation , poverty and discrimination are not giant or super heroes they are ordinary people they are women, men , teachers , kids , mothers , father, free thinking individuals who refused to be silent anymore who realized that human rights are not history lessons are not word on a page are not speeches or commercial they are choices we make every day  as human beings they are the responsibility we all share to respect each other and to help each other and to protect those  in need


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