About the Janana NetworkJanana Network was established in 2002 and has grown since then to become a renowned collaborative system of 81 organizations, libraries, and youth centres working with marginalized and disadvantaged children and youth in Lebanon. The main aim of the network is to provide a collaborative platform where various organizations and centres can meet, coordinate joint activities, and exchange experiences and resources.

Since its establishment, the network has been active in coordinating a number of highly successful joint events, such as the Janana Summer Encounter (you can include a link here to the encounter) and the Janana Spring Festival (also here you can link it to the Festival). Its activities are currently focusing on three main themes:

  1. Active learning and creative expression program.
  2. Conflict transformation program.
  3. media as a tool to introduce positive change program.
  4. Health program

Efforts are continuous to increase the membership of the network and diversify its activities in active collaboration for the benefit of all stakeholders.